Legal Shields- A 3rd Party Unbiased Legal Shields Business Review

Legals Shield

A 3rd Party Unbiased Legal Shields Business Review  

There have been a serious buzz lately about the new Legal Shield business opportunity and If you are here right now chances are you are probably doing some due diligence on the Legal Shields business opportunity.  Before you proceed, I want to disclose that I’m not a Legal Shield distributor so you can bet that you’re going to get an honest third party unbiased review.

 Also, if you do decide that this is the company for you, I’m going to be going over a success formula at the end of this review that can really benefit you.

Legal Shields Company Overview

First things first, if you’re looking to join the company, it’s important to know some background information. Legal shields (formerly known as Prepaid Legal Services) is a network marketing company that markets affordable professional legal services and identity theft protection. The company is based in Oklahoma and has been around for nearly 40 years. Currently, the company has over 1.4 million customers in the US and Canada.

The company publicly changed from Prepaid Legal Services to Legal Shields on September 10th, 2011. Earlier in the year, Prepaid Legal Services was acquired by MidOcean Partners, which is a private equity firm based in New York. The changing of the name is said to be the first change which will be followed by other changes to re-brand the company. Another following significant change being the assigning of a new CEO, Rip Mason.

Legal Shields Products and Services

Legal Shield has been around for a long time which is testimony to it’s stability. In addition, they market a unique and valuable service that people need.   The companies’ most popular product is the family plan, with the low price of $26 a month, you are covered in 5 main areas. Members have access to top of the line law firms in their respective states. When dealing with these legal issues, bills can run up faster than you can count, so having these top firms on a 24/7 unlimited call can be very beneficial for anyone.

The other areas of coverage are Motor vehicle coverage, Trail Defense Services, IRS Audit Coverage, and Lower cost of law firms regular hourly rate

The Legal Shields Compensation Plan. Legal Shields

Now as far as the actual compensation plan goes, Legal Shield provides distributors to make money three main ways. The first way is through personal commissions, whereby you can make money personally selling memberships to customers. The second way you can make money is through overrides earned on memberships sold through your team members. And lastly, you can build long term residual income by building a customer base of loyal paying customers. In addition, there are various rewards for top producing leaders that include paid company trips and a car program. Overall, the compensation plan is fair and can be quite lucrative.

How To Win in Your Legal Shields Business.

Like i said earlier, at the end of the day, your success will depend on your ability to sponsor people into your business and sell memberships. Selling more memberships means creating the life style of your dreams…Period. It means residual income because you now have more members duplicating your organization without you getting physically involved.

But there is always an obstacle most new reps face..

They spend more money that they actually make.

You see, to build a HUGE team in your Legal Shields Business that will grow overtime, you MUST first have a funding system for your business. THIS IS THE SECRET OF THE PROS  and if used correctly will provide you with monthly residual income that you can reinvest into learning some marketing techniques and also provide you with commissions to help you maintain your monthly Auto-ship for Legal Shields. This is especially good for those who still have a day job and would like to channel their wages for other family related expenses.

Most people spend more money that they are making when they are just starting an online venture because of the hefty learning curve it would take to learn how to market the business. So they spend all their hard earned salaries on courses and monthly Autoship before making a penny, which often drains them dry….

That is, UNTIL NOW

You see, the secret is using a personal funding system that can legally deposit money into your bank account when you write a blog post about your company and earn 100% commissions in the process while you go through the initial learning stage of marketing your business.  The “Gurus” have been hiding this for too long.. about time you break out and get your own percentage of the pie.

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